Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nancy Howard shares information about 2013 GABPC at Westwood College

Westwood College student Terrell Davis signs up for the Georgia BigPictureCon mailing list.

ATLANTA, Ga. — Georgia BigPictureCon founder and producer, Nancy Howard, spent the morning of August 14th making Westwood College students aware of the coming conference.

“We have an information table set up,” she said. “We’re excited to share that Westwood is our host school this year.”

The goal of the booth that was set up at the college’s student lounge was to share information about the conference and make students aware of the reduced admission price they can get because Westwood is the host school. The goal was to sign up students for the mailing list and show them the different aspects of the conference, such as the educational tracks and the film festival, whose deadline is getting close.

“It’s been going well,” Howard said. “People have been very excited about the conference coming here and all the opportunities they can access.”

Many people signed up for the mailing list at the table and when Howard and Big Picture Foundation board member Joe Howell made presentations in classrooms.

Rosemary Salem, chief executive officer of Mrz. Entertainment Productions and a Westwood student, was among the students interested in the conference’s booth. Salem founded Mrz in 2011 as a talent management company that soon branched out into event planning and production of television shows and films.

“We are trying to get us corporate sponsors, local business sponsors, to sponsor our productions,” she said. “As you know, it can be costly.”

The BigPictureCon interests her for its networking potential—other producers and directors will be there. This could help her build up her company. She is also interested in the workshops and panels, which could help her learn new things.

Regina Williams, another Westwood student, also checked out the booth. “I’m breaking into acting for film as well as producing,” she said. “I’m also a graphic design student.” On top of all of that, she has taken audio-video production classes at Westwood. The casting and production panels at the conference are of particular interest. She hopes she can make contacts and gain opportunities for future work.

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