Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Georgia Big Picture Foundation To Hold Sound Workshop

ATLANTA, Ga. — Sam Ash Music Store will be hosting a sound and audio workshop courtesy of the Georgia Big Picture Foundation.

Foundation board member Joe Howell said the event, which will last from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. August 13, will draw on his background in audio engineering and sound design. An audio engineer works with recording audio and video on a film set, with duties including working with microphones and creating sound effects. A sound designer specifically records sound effects and creates the overall sound of the project, including the music needed to set the mood.

“That could mean I create a score that’s going to create suspense around a particular scene,” Howell said.

The foundation is putting on the workshop due to e-mail and survey requests for more information about sound. Howell said sound is one of the least-studied aspects of filmmaking. Even a film school graduate might have little knowledge about how to properly handle sound in a film.

In the workshop, participants will analyze equipment, talk about what sound can do for a picture, do hands-on exercises with audio equipment, and discuss the soundtrack and sound needs for a film. Howell will teach the class along with guest producer Gerald Coby.

Those interested in participating can sign up at The deadline is August 9 and the cost is $39 in advance.

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