Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Georgia BigPictureCon Accepting Short Films For Festival

ATLANTA, Ga.—The Georgia BigPictureCon (GABPC) Film & Technology Conference is accepting submissions for its 2013 film festival.

“At past conferences, we would always have a student film festival,” said founder and producer Nancy Howard.

Anyone can submit a short film on any topic. However, the piece must be family-friendly (PG or G-rated), with no grotesque violence, nudity, or other inappropriate content. Recommended genres include comedy, drama, suspense, music videos, and public service announcements (PSAs). Films cannot be more than 15 minutes in length. The purpose of the festival is to give participants a venue to showcase their work.

There will be four submission deadlines. The early deadline is Aug. 31, the regular Sept. 6, and the late Sept. 18. The fourth deadline, Sept. 25, is for those submitting via the online mechanism Those whose submissions are accepted will receive two 2-day passes and additional 2-day passes at half-price. There is a $5 submission fee. 

For more information and submission information, visit here.

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