Saturday, August 24, 2013

Joe Howell spreads word in Westwood graphic design classes

ATLANTA, Ga.--Big Picture Foundation board member Joe Howell spoke about the Georgia BigPictureCon to graphic design students at Westwood College.

“We’re bringing film technology to the students,” he told the students in Darryl White’s Westwood College classroom August 14, referring to how the conference would be held at the college itself.

The event will cover film, technology, gaming, animation, and promotion. There will be two days of workshops and conferences with working professionals. The master class workshops for more advanced learners will feature industry professionals located in the metro Atlanta area. “They will be teaching about the most advanced aspects in their industry,” he said.

Student James York asked if the conference would be one large event or have different workshops. Howell said it would be broken up by topic. There will be three tracks dedicated to technology, industry and business, and the master classes.

Bryant Berkeley asked about Howell’s background. Howell said his degree is in information systems, but he has worked in music production for nearly 20 years. His career has brought him into contact with Universal Music artists and onto the production of film soundtracks. At the conference, he will host audio for gaming and music panels in the technology track, with a focus on scoring, soundtracks, and sound effects.

Director of Career Services Irene Hillman told students she was their point of contact for conference information and registration. Because Westwood is hosting the event, students will receive discounted rates.

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