Thursday, August 21, 2014

GA BigPictureCon Short Film Festival Welcomes International Submissions


ATLANTA, Ga.--The GeorgiaBigPictureCon's short film festival has received its first international entries, something Founder and Executive Producer Nancy Howard attributes to the conference's adoption of FilmFreeway.

"I was pleased but not very surprised to see that we had so many entries from the U.S.," said Howard. "But I was very pleasantly surprised that for the first time we also had entries from Canada, Germany, France, and the UK, as well as from places like Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Kenya, and Finland."

So far, the BigPictureCon has received over 40 submissions, with 15 of them coming from different countries around the world.

In previous years, the conference has accepted submissions manually or via online links.

"We've considered using," said Howard, "but it was expensive, particularly for small festivals like ours."

Withoutabox (WAB), one of FilmFreeway's primary competitors, is a popular online system created to streamline the submission process of filmmakers and film festivals. It has been well-received by the majority of its users, but others have expressed concerns about rising prices and declining customer support, as well as, for a time, an insistence on exclusivity.

After learning about the controversies with WAB, and the fact that FilmFreeway was free, Howard and the other conference organizers chose FilmFreeway.

"We are loving FilmFreeway," Howard said. "They have been upfront, easy to use, and fair thus far in our experience with them. It's been very exciting."

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